Friday 17 August 2007

My Brother the Bag Man

Here's the new online shop set up for my brother Kevin's THE BAG SHOP ONLINE. It is a new 'branch' of what is already a nationwide chain of stores in Ireland.

Kevin and I go back a long way. I've known him almost 55 years now (this is not a recent photo of him and me and our sister Ethel - Kevin was taller then). I have to say I like the guy. I also wish him every success with this new venture and I hope you'll pay the site a visit. He tells me it is already a fine success; only a week up and running yet people are finding it and - most important of all as far as Kevin is concerned! - buying bags.

Kevin is a strange guy. I have strolled with him some Sunday afternoons as he went visiting various Bag Shops in the city, and he simply sees the world through a different lens; he recognises when people are using a bag bought at one of his shops, and he is particularly delighted every time he sees a 'Bag Shop' carrier bag.

He designed the store logo himself, by the way. Not as handsome as me - but a smart guy is my bro.

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