Thursday 16 August 2007

The best Guitar Site

Okay. Let me not overstate this; here is the best website for guitarists anywhere in this galaxy. The site has everything. You learn chords. You find the name of chords you have discovered by moving the 'dots' to the frets and pressing 'search'. You can hear how chords sound by pressing 'strum' on the guitar body. You have links to fellow guitarists. You can have accompaniment as you play. You can tune your guitar. It has a link to free lessons on how to play songs. This site could be your friend for life!!!

I mean really - how good can a website be?

I enjoy playing guitar, and have gone to lessons over the years. I write songs and here's one you can download. Details of it are in my previous blog. I regularly go hunting for guitar chords, and my favourites are Dylan, Cohen, Cash and Taylor. My wife's son Noam asked me to learn this song - 'lean on me' - which he is very fond of.

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Anonymous said...

Cool site indeed! You may also like the online guitar tuner at it has built-in alternate tunings.