Wednesday 20 June 2007

Bob Quinn

My son Bernard, who set up my website, also set up the new website for Bob Quinn.

I have known Bob for over twenty years. I met him first through editing his film Budawanny and we became friends. Over the years I have edited again for him from time to time and he is also my daughter Ellen's godfather and was my best man at my wedding. Bob is a filmmaker, photographer and writer - his new novel 'The Accompanist' is available through Ogma Press and the other usual outlets. He is also the founder of the Atlantean theory of how the west coast of Ireland was inhabited by seafarers from the north of Africa. He has made four documentaries about this and has written a book on the subject

Bob is a lover of Berlin and comes over at some point most years to stay with us and take in some music. He and I have also been known to take a drink or two together on occasion.

Visit Bob's site and tell him I was asking for him.

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